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You can still check out our old OHP blog posts below. There are topics related to HIV planning, including health equity, Planning Council business, and more dating back to 2010.

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Health Reform Resource Update

July 1, 2013

Over the last few days I have come across a few health reform resources I thought worth sharing. This post is one of a series of blog posts about health reform and the Affordable Care Act. You can read see all the previous posts by clicking on the...

The Big Picture - June 2013

June 27, 2013

Due to a crazy weather situation that never actually happened, the RWPC and RWPC Nominations Committee meetings were both canceled this month. Three of the RWPC's committees did still meet, though....

4 Updates to Facebook and More Social Media News for Nonprofits and HIV Programs

June 21, 2013

After talking with different HIV programs about social media, I've heard quite a few themes. One of them is that people don't know where to start. I addressed that in my presentation at the Prevention and Outreach Summit, and I'll talk about...

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