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ICYMI The Positive Committee newsletter is back!

ICYMI The Positive Committee newsletter is back!

by Nicole Johns

Oct. 10, 2017

The Positive Committee launched the revamped newsletter in August. You can get your copy here

Inside you will find everything you need to know to be a member of the Positive Committee and to come to your first meeting of the Planning Council (the Philadelphia HIV Integrated Planning Council). In addition to all that handy information about community planning, you will also find resources for returning citizens and food resources like food banks and food vouchers. The Positive Committee decided to feature food and re-entry resources because of questions and experiences brought up at meetings over the summer. The newsletter’s purpose is to share information about the Planning Council and help people living with HIV get the resources they need.

The next issue of the newsletter will be out later this fall. If you have a question about HIV-related services or health that you think would be a good topic for the newsletter, send us an email. Or better yet, come to the next Positive Committee meeting. You can check out our meeting calendar here.

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