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"Keep Dreaming," by Allison

"Keep Dreaming," by Allison

by Office of HIV Planning

Dec. 9, 2012

Next, we have another digital story sent to us by Adam.  Here's the description:

"Allison thought that HIV would never happen to her. As a proud mother of three and grandmother of four, her HIV-diagnosis really scared her at first. She has since realized that HIV cannot stop her from following her dreams. She feels that it is important to go out and speak out about HIV/AIDS, especially since so many people remain scared to do so. Her hope is that more people will show the courage to face HIV and talk about it. She is working toward a society where people can find more support from family and have access to the necessary tools and knowledge they need to lead healthy lives.

She made this digital story as part of Having It Heard, a digital storytelling project for social change. To learn more, please visit"

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