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Big Picture - March 2016

Big Picture - March 2016

by Office of HIV Planning

April 11, 2016

Finance Committee

HRSA’s Policy Clarification 16-02 sets rules about what can be funded by Ryan White. The clarification changes how the EMA can fund local AIDS pharmaceutical assistance. It also means the EMA can now fund syringe access programs.

The Finance Committee voted to approve a reallocation request from the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office (AACO). AACO representatives asked that money be moved from Medical Case Management to Information and Referral Services to support the Health Information Helpline. They said the change would not affect case management services.

Integrated Executive Committee

The Co-Chairs of the Planning Council, HPG, and their committees met to discuss areas where they can work together, including the Integrated Plan. They talked about HIV stigma and HIV testing. They also agreed to invite a presenter on trauma-informed care in the future. The Positive Committee will discuss Medicare/Medicaid and peer support programs.

Ryan White Planning Council

The Planning Council approved the Finance Committee’s request to reallocate money from Case Management to Information and Referral Services.

Positive Committee

David Griffith from the LGBT Elder Initiative discussed some upcoming events about HIV and Aging. You can find more information on the LGBTEI website.

The Positive Committee had a conversation about Medicare and Medicaid. They’re hoping to bring in a speaker to talk about Medicaid in the future. They’ll also be discussing Peer Support programs at their next meeting.

Comp Planning

The Comp Planning Committee looked through information about marketplace insurance programs. They also reviewed data on insured and uninsured people living with HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia. Updated insurance information will be available soon. The Committee is going to continue discussing a Health Insurance Premium Cost-Sharing program after they see more data.

They also finished their conversation on Housing as it affects health. Many people living with HIV and AIDS in Philadelphia need housing and can’t get it. Increased funding for housing may help shorten the waiting list for HIV/AIDS housing programs.

Needs Assessment Committee

The Needs Assessment Committee’s transportation survey got sent out to providers in early March. The survey has received a lot of responses already. Some providers said that they have issues with Logisticare. Some patients do not receive their day passes on time, or their rides do not arrive on schedule. Some people also have issues getting SEPTA tokens.


Dr. Anne Frankel from Temple University and Judith Peters from the Philadelphia School Board came to talk about last year’s Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS). The survey asks high school students about smoking; drinking and drug use; weight, nutrition, and activity; sex; violence; and mental health. You can find slides from their presentation here.

Nominations Committee

The Nominations Committee reviewed applications for Planning Council membership. The Planning Council welcomes 4 new members! New Member Orientation will be held April 14th from 11am-2pm. Current Planning Council members can stop by orientation around 1pm to talk about their committees.

Want to get involved? To learn more, follow the links in this post, attend one of the meetings listed on our calendar, or email If you have questions, you can also call us at 215-574-6760.

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