About the Integrated Executive Committee

The Integrated Executive Committee is made up of leaders from the Ryan White Part A Planning Council (RWPC) and the HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG, formerly the PPG). This group is composed of planning body and committee co-chairs, and was formed in 2014 to increase communication and coordination between HIV care and prevention planning leaders, in order to develop a more strategic and seamless continuum of HIV services.

The Integrated Executive Committee meets quarterly. Please see the calendar for upcoming meeting information for other committees.


Approved Meeting Minutes and Meeting Packets

June 2017 (Packet only - minutes not yet approved)

  • Bylaws

May 2017

  • Mission, Vision, and Values
  • HIPC Co-Chairs
  • Bylaws

March 16, 2017

  • Bylaws

March 2, 2017

  • Review Bylaws
    • Term Limits
  • Schedule Prevention Committee
  • Name for New Planning Body

October 2016

  • Integration
  • Review Bylaws

September 2016

  • Integration
    • Structure
    • Timeline

July 2016

  • Site Visit
  • Integrated Plan Overview
    • Concurrence
  • Integration
  • Joint Presentation Planning
  • August HPG Meeting Date

March 2016

  • Integrated Plan
  • HPG & Comp Planning Brainstorming Activities
  • Future Meeting Dates

February 2015 (Packet only)

  • Planning Body Updates
  • Joint Presentation Planning
  • Prevention Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA)

October 2014

  • Formalized Coordination Activities
  • Integrated Comprehensive Planning

March 2014

  • Committee Name and Meeting Date/Time
  • Engagement Process
  • Updates from HPG, RWPC, and Committees